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By | June 27, 2018

The Hero Instinct is something all men have buried deep within their DNA. It pulls them toward relationship situations that make them feel like a hero. But it’s more than that. It goes to the deepest desire all people feel. The desire for meaning and purpose. You see, unlike women, men don’t automatically get their need met for meaning and fulfillment just by being in a relationship
The Hero Instinct

Have you ever felt like the intimacy you crave with a man is just slightly out of your reach? That if only he could open up more and REALLY let himself go with you,.. you could fee all the passion and connection you always dreamed of? Well, you’re right. A man simply WON’T be able to be fully open and intimate with you unless YOU make it safe for him. You see men view love and commitment different from women. In a relationship, men usually want to “Feel” they are in charge (Even if they are not), a woman who is able to make her man feel in charge automatically has his heart.

The Hero Instinct principle as taught in Become His Secret Obsession shows you how to bring out the hero instinct in your man. In the program, James provides some Hero Instinct Phrases that you can say to your man to trigger the hero in him and make him open up to you in a way that he has never done before.

When it comes to maintaining a successful relationship with a man, one that leaves him committed and dedicated to you and only you, it’s important to understand that the hero instinct in your man must be aroused.  If his relationship with you does not satisfy the instinctual drives of his hero instinct, there will always be something missing. A part of him will always be trying to pull away. Trying to seek something else, or someone else, even though he may still be in love with you.

The Hero Instinct Signal

The Hero Instinct Signal is the signal that you send to a man that gives him permission to love you, permission to be dedicated to you, permission to be your man. It’s a kind of special signal that triggers the dormant part of a man’s personality and grab his attention and drive to become the hero in the relationship. In Become His Secret Obsession, James Bauer lays out simple phrases which you can either say in person to your man or send him via text messages to Trigger The Hero Instinct in him. You can download a free version of it courtesy of James Bauer here His Secret Obsession Download

How To Trigger a Man’s Hero Instinct

Are you struggling in a relationship with a man who blows hot and cold, says one thing and does another, is incredibly sweet one moment and then ignores you the next? The Hero Instinct 12 Words is a special text message that you can send to your man this moment that will grab his attention and trigger the hero instinct in him. Not only will he begin to chase after you, you will suddenly become the center of his every day life and he’ll be unable to take you off his mind. Here are The Hero Instinct 12 Words that you can send to your man this moment to trigger his hero instinct.

The Hero Instinct has 3 parts. For you to trigger the hero instinct in a man you must understand these three parts and how a man relates with them. It’s a crucial part of a man’s desire in a relationship and failure to understand and accept them can lead to misunderstanding and complete failure in your relationship. These component in no particular order includes the following.

  • The drive for meaningful achievement
  • The drive to be a provider
  • The drive to earn respect.

To better understand these drives, watch the below video

Hero Instinct

The Fascination Trigger

A man is deeply wired to fall in love with you. It’s a natural instinct that all men have, however, it takes a certain kind of woman to recognize these instinct and trigger it. Deeply wired in every man’s brain is the desire to fall in love with a woman, to crave her attention, to be devoted and dedicated to her. It’s only a matter of time until the feminine qualities of a woman triggers that love instincts in him.

Men desires to be fascinated. In fact if you are able to constantly fascinate your man then he’ll be yours forever. The Fascination trigger is a set of phrases and attitude that  captures the heart and interest of a man leading to his constant obsession of you. In Become His Secret Obsession, James provided a set of phrases that you can either say to him or send as a text message.

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